Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Mens Fashion Clothing: Choosing the Right Tie For Your Shirt

Mens fashion clothing is all about wearing clothes and other accessories that make you look better. Necktie is one of the accessories that have become an essential part of mens fashion clothing now. Matching necktie with a shirt is not a big deal for some people that use to wear neckties for a long time but for most of people, it is a big problem to match an appropriate necktie for shirt. For men that find it difficult to match a suitable tie for their shirts there are some basics that will help them to choose the right one for their shirt.

solid+color+contrast.jpgWhite plain shirts

In mens fashion clothing plain white shirts are the easiest selection because the selection of tie for plain white shirt is not a big deal. You can choose any color tie with these shirts. The most appropriate option is to select the tie color matching your trouser.

Solid color plain shirts

In mens fashion clothing for solid color shirts like red, yellow, blue, purple etc you can match tie of either same color or make a contrast. Using a same color tie is very easy and very old trend in mens fashion clothing. Making contrast is choosing a tie with different color from shirt in a way that will go well. Some famous contrasts in mens fashion clothing are: A pink shirt with burgundy or navy blue tie, a pale blue shirt with a red, yellow, burgundy, navy or gold tie, a pale tan shirt with any brown shade tie. These colors are also known as coordinating colors in mens fashion clothing because the color of tie coordinates with a different color shirt.

Striped shirts

striped+shirt.jpgIn mens fashion clothing selection of tie with striped shirt is not very hard but still need some considerations. It is a systemic way first place the striped shirt at some distance and decides what color is seen by you at first. After the color decision choose the color of tie according to coordinating colors. The next step is to select the pattern of tie for striped shirts. If you use striped tie then the striped used should be different in size with that of striped of shirt. Same criteria for other patterns of tie that tie should be looked a different thing from shirt.

Checked shirts

checked+shirt.jpgIn mens fashion clothing checked shirt is another basic type of shirts. Selection of the tie for checked shirt can be done on same way as in striped shirt. In case of checked shirts, striped tie pattern is the most appropriate choice in mens fashion clothing. Pin dot or polka dot pattern can also be used but in a way that the size of boxes or dots on tie should be different from boxes of shirt.

Taken from http://boyzfashion.blogspot.com/

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