Tuesday, October 18, 2011

From Plastic to classic

Have you ever dreamt you would end up wearing those plastic water bottles you throw away into the recycling bin? Well, from now on you had better get used to the idea of plastic bottles as a practical drinking tool AND as a tres chique fashion statement! The eco fashion era is here.

Many designers are turning to “ECO” fashion to tell a story that reveals the current state of our environment and the difference we can make by a simple purchase of an organic cotton dress vs. a non organic cotton dress. Top designers worldwide like Stella McCartney, Issey Miyaki, Linda Loudermilk and Bono along with his wife Ali Hewson’s clothing line “EDUN” are bringing eco clothing to the runway to make a bold but promising statement not only to the world of fashion but to the world as a whole. Who says Eco friendly materials such as bamboo, soya and YES even plastic water bottles can’t look glam, chique, edgy and sexy while being functional, inexpensive and of course environmentally friendly at the same time????

Well ladies and gents here it is , Bagir Group Ltd. is the only tailored clothing company in the world to have adapted a fabric made from a combination of plastic water bottles and wool into fashionable suits that appeal to the eco-conscious customer under the EcoGIR™ name. They said “The goal is to create a suit that has the least impact on the earth, yet remains stylish and is priced the same as competitive brands”. Bagir Group markets their clothing privately and to world renowned brands such as Pierre Balmain, Nicole Miller and Simon Carter. Marks and Spencers and Sears have teamed up selling Eco-Gir suites with great success worldwide. 1 in 6 men in the UK own a Bagir tailored suit, so the hopes of a major shift to the Eco line is promising.

The Bagir Group has adapted a technique for their eco line, “Eco-Gir” using a combination of plastic bottles and wool OR Organic cotton (depending on the style of suite you desire) into beautifully men’s tailored suites. This creation alone reduces 77% of carbon emissions used in suit production. Recently branching out to department stores around the globe the suites are a huge success and the best part is you can’t even tell its not pure cotton OR polyester. Top designers from around the world were given these suites as a trial to see if they could tell the difference and NOT ONE designer could tell the fabric was created with plastic bottles over virgin cotton yarns.

The ingenuity of creating this fabric is not as difficult as one would imagine. Every suite uses 30 plastic water bottles that are run through the process of crushing, cleaning, followed by melting the bottles into flakes of clean plastic, then turned to fluff and from the fluff, you create the fiber. The fibers are then combined with wool or cotton and there you have it- a beautiful suite. The tailored suites are machine washable, eliminating a dry cleaning bill and the use of “PERC” the harsh chemical used in dry cleaning that runs into our drinking water. Bagir did not stop there, eliminating the use of air shipment and choosing the slower route of sea shipment once again helps to save our environment.

Now available in stores around the world the Bagir Group has taken HUGE leaps to protect the environment, our pocket books and still please even the fussiest fashionista. We hope more designers will soon follow in their footsteps only proving that green isn’t just the colour of money anymore.

Taken from http://antiquedress.blogspot.com/

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