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Cabestan Orignel Watches

Not only is the aspect unusual so is the functioning. The Cabestan watches are based on a system of capstans similar to the ones used in nautical equipments. The concept, of clear naval inspiration, is ought to Jean-François Ruchonnet. Built in titanium, gold and platinum and are limited to 135 exemplars, they may be acquired in some places for the low price of 275 000 to 400 000 USD.
For 2010 Cabestan brings us something totally new. A fantastic new design dreamed up by talented watch designer Jean-François Ruchonnet. Yes of course the watch is similar to Cabestan's previous model, the Winch Tourbillon Vertical watch - but is actually more affordable (relatively speaking of course). Gone is the tourbillon, complex winch mechanism and double sapphire crystal over the movement on the face of the watch. Also, instead of the fusee chain transmission is a new gear-shaft style transmission. Cabestan watches are incredibly well finished and made. Much of this is thanks to their in-house master technician Eric Coudray. A classic watch maker by all accords who takes incredible pride in his work.

The idea of the Nostromo is be more accessible, mechanically fascinating, and user-friendly. Plus, Cabestan loves the idea of basing the name and design on the spaceship from the classic Alien movie. Time is remarkably easy to read. There are several drums on the dial that are engraved with numerals. These serve to indicate the hours, minutes, and seconds. There is a fourth drum used to indicate the 50 hour power reserve. Cabestan has included a jumping hour complication to make reading the hours even easier. This is all thanks to the new in-house made and designed Calibre CAB PG 160 manually wound movement. The movement bridges are done in black with much of the mechanics in polished steel. This is to highlight those features. Check out the awesome looking drive-shaft on the right of the dial (it is also viewable through the side right sapphire crystal window). This moves power from the mainspring barrel to the rest of the movement.
Winding the watch is much more simple that the previous Cabestan watch. The top right capstan is unscrewed and pops out - turning it into a standard crown for winding and adjusting the watch. The Winch Tourbillon Vertical actually (later models) actually came with a separate winch winding unit.
It’s no secret that we here are fans of finely made watches. The Cabestan design from Vianney Halter and Jean-François Ruchonnet is not yet being produced for sale, but makes us watch fans drool at its unique new look at watch design. The pictures you see are a rare few of the Cabestan that exist, with only a few prototypes existing in the whole world.

The beautiful rolling power displays are absolutely astounding. The displays are controlled through chain links and fusee wound by a winch. The mechanical design and architecture of the Cabestan is enough to make any watch fanatic weak in the knees. A truly beautiful device we hope to see in production someday.
The entire watch case (not sure of the dimensions right now, but I would guess no winder than 40mm) is in black PVD coated titanium. Note that presence of the sapphire crystal over the dial and again on the both sides of the watch as well as the rear - for the best view of the movement possible.

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