Thursday, October 20, 2011

Japanese emo punk girl jasmine Hairstyle

Style: emo punk
Location: japan
About Youself: heey i am emo punk girl my name it's jasmine my friend call me jass ,so i like to hang out with my friend and have a fun with the guys and also with the music that it's my life my best group band it's : bfmv , mcr , paramore , sirenia....
so evrybody that it's me luv u all guys just who it's nice ^^ xoxo < 3
Here is an article from her blog, "Where Is Our Generation Going"

Where Is Our Generation Going
Always eating the same damn thing, Spending our time on the phone or on the computer. Always complaining about supid things. Wanting everything and RIGHT now . Always asking for more . Saying "I love you" to anybody. Spending our lives outside. Notice something and regret that we didn't think about it sooner . Especially do not work, Supply a minimum of effort or sometimes none. Watch the clock every 30 seconds, sleeping . Being in trouble for nothing, but always for the same nothing . Want this, want that, but especially want Him* Look at the others like we were better and laugh . DO NOT hear about parents. Always watching this stupid show on TV, every single day at the same hour . Opening our planner and always closing it up immediatly. Always push things away to the next day. Looking at ourselves in a mirror. Not Listening to anybody. Similar conversations for ever arriving at the same point . A need to hang on any mark of affection, never sincere, conccurence absolved. It is always better elsewhere, pure and simple dissatisfaction . We are contradictory, The happiness is derisory, and the smiles don't last for very long.

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