Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A New Collection From Victoria Beckham

A New Collection From Victoria Beckham

With so many people raging over the fact that celebrities have gone too far with designing, there are still some that are out to show off their skills. Victoria Beckham has recently debuted her newest collection of upscale dresses and we all want to know what the collection looks like, right? Well, it’s not that easy with Victoria Beckham; you must have an appointment to see her full collection of dresses. That’s very posh of her!


“This is a very personal collection for me. I’ve always been drawn to intricate, seam-detailed designs as their structure enhances the flattering shape of a woman’s silhouette. My signature dress collection is timeless, a modern interpretation of my inspirations.”

So what else do we want to know about her collection besides the designs? The price, of course. Reports have stated that the dresses are priced from $600-$1400, and others have reported that it even goes up to $3,500. What?! And I thought Lindsay Lohan’s leggings were expensive. I really don’t think a celebrity, even as glamorous as she is, can pull off a price range like that. It just not reasonable to me. Catherine Malandrino doesn’t even charge that much and I think it’s silly of Victoria Beckham to try to go up against true designers.

As I’ve written before in my posts, I think celebrities should stay out of designing because when they do step into the fashion world, talented designers lose the spotlight they deserve. Victoria Beckham is a beautiful and talented person with many skills; I just think she should stick to singing and be the one that models clothes instead of designing them.

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