Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Extensions Please?

Extensions Please?


I love this phrase, especially since I desperately rely on it when I’m attempting (but often fail) to act as if I have writer’s block with my English professors or when I’m purposely running behind on interviews for my articles due the next day for the school newspaper.

But this time around it has nothing to do with my college career or my professional skills at procrastination. Instead it’s about my actual appearance. While many might think of hair extensions, I’m actually implying eyelash extensions.

One thing many Asian girls can relate to is that we either have ridiculously thin and or short eyelashes. I know I do and mine in fact slant down instead of curling up. Eyelash curlers? Been there, done that – all just to pinch the skin around my eye and be a grouch the rest of the day.

Mascara never seems to work for me either. I’m not sure whether it’s my absolute clumsiness or the fact that lashes really can’t extend twice as much like the commercials say. Maybe it’s both, but I’ve almost come to the point where I give up.

So for a long time, I thought glamorous eyelashes are just something I won’t be able to attain. Ever. However, an article written by Jan Masters, a wonderful fashion/beauty writer for Vogue Nippon, raised my hopes. She mentioned her recent love with her new long lashes which she got extended at a beauty salon.

For those who aren’t familiar with extensions, they’re basically fake lashes that licensed professionals glue onto your real lashes so they fall out at the same time your real ones do. Unlike the do-it-yourself extensions, these actually look real and make your lashes feel thicker, longer and naturally fuller.

I didn’t think much of these lashes at the time, especially since I wasn’t willing to afford something that sounded so very pricey for a teenager. But it got me thinking that by enhancing my lashes for a few hundred dollars would be worth so much more than spending mornings vigorously trying to apply mascara (which always seem to clump together anyway) and all the frustration I get on why my adamant lashes won’t curl.

So what do you think? Have you ever gotten extensions? I’m still looking for other ways to make my eyelashes somewhat more stylish, so if you have any suggestions, please tell me. It always helps to have others advice.

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